we make history through people







The strength of our network lies in the quality of the managers and colleagues that every day, provide their experience and professionalism to customers worldwide.

Over the past fifty years, several of them have created the banchero costa story and that of the entire sector. They all contribute to ensuring that the results achieved in terms of professional credibility and quality of the services continue to be the basis for future success, all the while maintaining a forward-looking approach.

Alberto Banchero
Alberto Bancheromanaging director

Since 2011, Alberto Banchero is the managing director of banchero costa finanziaria s.p.a. and holds managing positions within most of the companies of the network. In 2001, he started his career in the shipping sector as chartering broker.

Francesco Fuselli
Francesco Fusellimanaging director

In 1996, Francesco joined banchero costa & c. s.p.a., and he runs the ship finance team. In 2002, he was appointed member of the board of directors of banchero costa & c s.p.a, and, in 2005, managing director of the company. Graduated in Economics in 1989, he began his career with Finmare Group. Francesco is also board member of banchero costa Insurance Broker s.p.a.

Roberto Demarchi
Roberto Demarchichief executive officer

Roberto Demarchi has been recently appointed as managing director. In 2000, he started his career in shipping sector, as customs operator and later also as ship’s agent in the port of Genoa. He joined banchero costa & c. agenzia marittima s.p.a. in 2007 as port captain and he was appointed member of the board of directors in 2008. As of 2009, he also operates as licensed shipping agent.

Fabio Bertolini
Fabio Bertolinidirector – salvage and towage/repair yards representation

Since 2006, Fabio Bertolini is in charge of the team dedicated to the salvage and towage of ships and repair yards representation. In 1988 he began his experience in the maritime sector as shipping agent with Transeuroil and Cambiaso Tankers and Agencies, Genoa. In 1998 he joined banchero costa & c. agenzia marittima s.p.a.initially as water clerk, and then as port agent.

Giovanni Pala
Giovanni Palamanaging director

Giovanni Pala, from January 2019 managing director of banchero costa insurance broker s.p.a., the insurance brokerage company of newtwork, joined banchero costa insurance broker s.p.a. in 2016 as commercial director and he has been appointed member of the board of directors with operational assignments. Previously, he held the same roles in others insurance brokers companies, since 1991 (Union Flag Insurance Broker and Savass Broker, Genoa). During his carrier, he acquired a sound experience in the marine cargo and industrial risks sector, mainly focused on steel products, fruits, vegetables and frozen food commodities; terminal operator’s liabilities and carrier’s liabilities.

Mauro Poggio
Mauro Poggiochief financial officer

Mauro Poggio is chief financial officer and member of the board of directors of banchero costa insurance broker s.p.a. He began his career in 1977, when the company was established, and after acquiring a good experience in different insurance sectors, he focused on the administrative relationship with insurance companies, brokers and customers, he was afterwards appointed administrative director with the responsibility of the management control.

Massimo Banchero
Massimo Bancheromanaging director
bancosta (monaco) s.a.m., Monaco

Massimo Banchero joined banchero costa Genoa in 1988. He is chief executive officer of the network and managing director of banchero costa monaco s.a.m. in Monte Carlo, since 2013. A senior professional broker mainly focused on sale & purchase and newbuilding business, Massimo has built extensive relationships with shipowners, shipyards and charterers worldwide. In 1987, he started his career in the shipping sector as trainee with Jacq Pierot Jr. & Sons Inc., New York, and Barry Rogliano Salles, Paris.

Andrea Sinagra
Andrea Sinagramanaging director
bancosta (oriente) pte. ltd., Singapore, and bancosta (oriente) ltd., Hong Kong

Andrea Sinagra is the managing director of bancosta (oriente) ltd., Singapore, since its incorporation in 2007. He started his career in 1998 as trainee broker with banchero costa & c. s.p.a, Genoa.
He moved to Hong Kong in 2002 to start his “Asian venture”, opening the first bancosta office in Asia. Mainly focused on sale & purchase and newbuilding business, he has extensive relationships with shipowners, shipyards and charterers.

Giampaolo Rocca
Giampaolo Roccamanaging director
bancosta (oriente) limited beijing office, Beijing, China

After decades of cooperation with banchero costa as a principal, Giampaolo Rocca joined us in 2016 and moved to our Beijing office in 2019. Previously associated with ship owners and ship operators, both in Italy and abroad – including the Italian company Premuda and the Indian Great Eastern Shipping – he brings extensive management experience through a career in shipping which started in 1979. He is tasked with coordinating our China-based team with the rest of our network, thus consolidating banchero costa’s relationships with local clients and our presence in the Chinese markets.

Oscar Pesto
Oscar Pestomanaging director
bancosta medioriental services DMCC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In 2016, Oscar Pesto was appointed manager of bancosta medioriental services dmcc, Dubai, and lately managing director, having previously worked there as dry cargo broker since 2014, with the main focus of developing local market and clients. In 2006, he joined banchero costa & c. s.pa., Genoa, as trainee broker art dry cargo handy/supramax desk, where he built up his experience mainly on spot market. Before starting his career as shipbroker, he has been working for 4 years as forward agents, after his degree in maritime economics.

Vittorio Giani
Vittorio Gianimanaging director
bancosta (uk) ltd., London, United Kingdom

Vittorio Giani is managing director of bancosta (uk) ltd., of which he has been responsible since 2001, when the company was established. Professional broker specialized in the chartering broking of dry cargo panamax ships, in 1992 Vittorio began his career with banchero costa and built extensive relationships with shipowners and charterers worldwide. Since 2010 he is also a member of the board of banchero costa & c. s.p.a.

Hideaki Katani
Hideaki Katanidirector
bancosta (monaco) s.a.m., Monaco
managing director
bancosta (monaco) s.a.m. Tokyo representative office

Since January 2022, Hideaki Katani is Director of bancosta (monaco) s.a.m. and Chief Representative of its Tokyo Office, as responsible for the chartering and sale and purchase of all sizes and types of vessel.
In 2005, Hideaki graduated at the Japanese Maritime Academy and, in the same year, joined the shipowning company Kumiai Senpaku Co. Ltd., where he has been working for eight years.
He was then hired by the trading company Itochu/IMECS Co. Ltd., where he spent seven years mainly as dry bulk chartering manager.

Andrea Trevisan
Andrea Trevisandirector
bancosta (benelux) bv, The Netherlands

Andrea Trevisan is the Managing Director of bancosta (benelux) bv, a representative office of bancosta (monaco) s.a.m., for which he has been a Board Member since 2020. Through bancosta cruise, he is focused on providing dedicated consultancy to the cruise industry for chartering, sale and purchase and new building projects of cruise ships.
Andrea started his shipping career as an Officer aboard cruise ships, up to the rank of Master Mariner.
Within the mining giant BHP group, he gained a sound commercial experience in trading and shipbuilding. Then he serveed eight years for Damen Shipyards with responsibilities for the Southern European market and later as Sales and Marketing Head of the Cruise Division.

John (YoungChul) Yi
John (YoungChul) Yimanaging director
bancosta oriente ltd., Korea

In 2014, John Yi started his career within banchero costa network as sale & purchase broker at bancosta (uk) Ltd., London, and in 2018 he moved to South Korea to open bancosta Seoul office with the focus of developing the local market of sale & purchase, newbuilding and ship projects business.
After a previous experience in STX Shipyard as newbuilding sales manager, he joined STX Corporation as F/X Dealer. Afterward, he worked with SPP Shipbuilding as Newbuilding Team Manager and then with Hanwha Corporation as Project Manager.
The sound experience in the business of newbuilding and sale & purchase of ships, together with the finance expertize John acquired during his career, are important assets which allow John to move confidently in the maritime industry.