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We represent both the shipping world and the financial institutions for whom we provide specific consultancy capable of developing real added value.

The professionals who are part of our team have worked in the sector for thirty years and help the client to locate the most attractive financial resources, identify the most suitable structures, discuss the terms and draft documents, and assist him throughout the entire duration of the loan.

Thanks to expert knowledge of the domestic, European and international banking markets, we can initiate negotiations with the biggest banking institutions and main Export Credit Agencies and stay up-to-date on their ever-changing offers.

We simultaneously guarantee a constant monitoring of the shipping, logistics and energy sectors to identify new opportunities, synergies and M&A developments.

We always take a one-to-one consultancy approach that identifies custom-made solutions for any project, be it investment, debt restructuring, equity underwriting, and in particular:

  • Arrangment of shipping loans
  • Refinancing of shipping loans
  • Analysis and structure advice
  • Financial advice
  • Lease finance / sale lease back
  • Mezzanine and equity finance

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ph: +39 01056311