Our tanker team includes professionals with long-term experience, able to cover all shipbroking aspects (SPOT voyages, time-charters, contracts of affreightment etc) on all vessel and cargoes sizes, from small tankers up to VLCCs.

Taking advantage of company big structure and organization, synergistically linked to all departments in main Genoa office (agency, s&p, research, finance, just to name some) and to our worldwide branches with excellent foreign connections, our specialists can easily provide a fast and complete service to our all clients aiming for quick response.

bancosta sa
20, adrien lachenal
1207 geneva

ph: +41 227372626
e-mail: info@bancosta.ch

banchero costa & c spa a sole shareholder company
via pammatone 2
16121 genoa

ph: +39 01056311
e-mail: tanker@bancosta.it

bancosta (monaco) s.a.m.
gildo pastor center 7,rue du gabian
98000 monaco

ph: +37 797707497
e-mail: tank@bancosta-monaco.com